Florann Vazquez, CMT, CPT, CFST-L2
Your Bay Area Massage and Fascial Stretch Therapist
About Flo

     Hello, my name is Florann Vazquez, my clients call me Flo. I am a Massage Therapist certified by the California Massage Therapy Council and a Personal Trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Helping people reduce pain and improve their daily functional ability has been a rewarding experience.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve my clients and witness their healing.

    I have been teaching massage and self-care playshops at the McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland for the past three years. In April I will go to Arizona for the advanced Level III workshop where I enhance my skills in Fascial Stretch Therapy® (FST).  FST is a pain free stretching technique designed to help athletes and non-athletes alike.  I will stretch your body in ways you can't do yourself.  Melting the knots and lubricating your joints will increase your flexibility and enhance your quality of life.  Schedule a session today, I can't wait to share this wonderful new service with you!

     When I plan your session, I take into account your health history, daily activities and personal goals.  The treatments are collaborative and serve your goals.  Our sessions together will achieve many things: supporting the immune system, encouraging rehabilitation of injuries, conditioning muscles for athletic performance, breaking up years of accumulated scar tissue (in order to enhance mobility).

      I truly enjoy my career path.  Bodywork is immensely engaging and profound.  My office space is always a safe space, where you can feel at ease and comfortable enough to let your body do its healing.  In May I will complete more training in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) - a gentle approach to helping to nervous system re-balance. It helps teenagers and adults calm thier agitation/anxiety so they can settle into a peaceful mind.   I'm looking forward to sharing this amazing healing technique with you.  

My other interests include teaching Zumba™ classes in Berkeley, learning Japanese and Mandarin and practicing Spanish.  I love hiking in Tilden Park, Joaquin Miller Park and exploring the beautiful natural sites in the Bay Area.  My wife and I are looking forward to running the 5k in Oakland in April!

I look forward to meeting you!  Feel free to leave me a message on my contact page.

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